How to Order

Known Worldwide

Our automation systems have been installed in thousands of beautiful homes throughout North America, South America, Central America, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean.


"We love being able to bring the outdoors inside with the push of a button. Our house currently has two systems, and I'm planning on installing two more on our new addition!"

Contact Doors in Motion

Contact Doors in Motion to choose the right automation system for you. Click here to contact Doors in Motion.

Doors Local Dealer

Contact a local dealer thorough our authorized dealer network. Click here to find dealer near you.

If we don’t have any dealers in your area you can order by contacting us directly. Click here to contact us directly.

Export Orders - International Locations

The current global market environment has opened the door to innovative products being used throughout the world.

We make exporting easier. Our staff can help you select the best option for shipping to any location on the planet. If you already have an established partner in the United States that acts as your Freight Forwarder – we can send your order to their location. Or, if you prefer, we can arrange for shipment via UPS Worldwide ExpeditedSM . The estimated cost can be sent along with your price quote for the automation system. In either case, we will make sure you have the necessary paperwork to avoid delays in receiving your order.

Payment Options

In addition to checks and money orders, we also accept most major credit cards – including American Express, MasterCard and Visa.